Cornerstone is pleased to co-ordinate with Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) in running its world famous Alpha Course twice a year, in the spring and autumn. Developed by Nicky Gumbel, Alpha offers a practical guide to the Christian faith for non-churchgoers who are curious about Jesus, Christianity, or the meaning of life. The course takes place over 10 Sunday evenings, but guests are not expected to commit to completing it all at the outset – they are simply invited to experience the first week and decide from there. Members of Cornerstone who have completed an Alpha Course are encouraged to volunteer as helpers in future seasons.

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For general information about Alpha visit www.htb.org.uk/alpha/alpha.


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Testimony Mark Ludenyo


It had been my desire for some time to attend the Alpha Course. I had heard a lot about the course, but I had the impression that it was more of a new believer’s course. When our Open Lounge announced that they would be running the course, it was an answered prayer to me. 

After completing the course, I can say that this course is like no other I have attended. The episodes touch on the basic principles of Christianity, but in such a profound manner. The explanations, the examples, the interviews portrayed realistic daily challengesand exemplified some of my own experiences before and after I got saved. The course touches on the crucial matter of our walk with Christ in a very easy to understand way. The atmosphere that surrounded every episode was, in itself, serene, and I want to believe that this was the peace of God that engulfed us as we went through this course. Unlike other teachings and courses I have attended, Alpha exemplified the truth of the Lord in an atmosphere of love and peace. After each episode I found myself wanting to know more about that particular topic and looking forward to the next topic. The simple way with which the topics were handled reminded me that our Christian walk is all about our love relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, unlike the way some other teachings have portrayed it to be, as such a complicated religion. It reminded me to go back to the first simple act of loving (Revelation 2:4). 

My initial impression that it was a new believer’s course was shattered completely because of the way it brought to memory great things that the Lord had already begun doing in my life. I often tend to forget some of the encounters with the Lord, but Alpha reignited those memories and this helped as an encouragement when I was reminded that the Lord has been working in my life. Not only did the course remind me of previous encounters, it also encouraged me that the Lord is not yet finished with me yet (Ephesians 2:10). 

Unlike some courses, I believe Alpha will meet the expectations of anyone from any background that is seeking the truth. Delivery of these truths by Alpha leaves one contented beyond belief. 

Alpha Course to a new believer is a very welcoming and assuring course, and for those that are not new Christians, Alpha Course refreshes your walk by reminding you of God’s love that is never ending. To me it made me look back at the path that I have walked and reminded me of God’s goodness to me. These reminders are very necessary for any Christian. Just as Moses encouraged the Israelites by repeatedly reminding them of the great things God had wrought for them during and after they were slaves in Egypt. Alpha course was such a reminder to me. The course also expounds on some of the topics that many find difficult (e.g. Holy Spirit, Healing, Hearing God, etc) in a such a profound way. This course shares all these truths with God’s love. The main presenter, Nicky Gumbel, in one of his many devotion says that, “Truth becomes hard if not softened by love; love becomes soft if not strengthened by truth” . 

I would confidently recommend Alpha Course to anyone, no matter the background, whether to Christians or not. If Alpha Course was a software, I would consider it the most user-friendly software of all times!