Cornerstone is a child friendly church that believes there is no such thing as a ‘junior’ Holy Spirit. Our kids, from toddlers to 11 year olds, are an integral part of this church family and we desire them to grow in all that God has for them. 

Our approach to children's ministry is that it is not child-minding nor “church” for children but a ministry within the local church that provides a safe and a fun place where children can grow in their love for Jesus and their understanding of the gospel of Christ. Rana Jones, who oversees this ministry, shares, “We love, cherish and value our Cornerstone children, and seek to empower and raise them up to be a priesthood of believers, worshipers and leaders. There’s no junior Holy Spirit and so we value our kids’ input and want to always encourage them to hear the Father's heart for themselves and develop a deep and intimate relationship with their Saviour. We also desire them to boldly step out in faith, whether to pray for others, believe God for healing for their friends and family members or simply wait on God through pictures, dreams or visions. Our heart is to empower them in their spiritual walk with Christ. We want to partner with parents so this future generation of mighty men and women can be trained up in the way they should go, so even when they are old, they will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 and Deuteronomy 11:19.”

Many children and individuals have been changed by this ministry over the past 10 years. Please read what some of our teachers had to say when we asked them how Cornerstone KIDS’ ministry has impacted their lives…

“Cornerstone KIDS has blessed me as a leader by increasing my commitment to God and growing His kingdom. It has held me more accountable to God and the church, and has given me some tools for communication through His love. It has also shown me a side of God's beautiful heart and love for His children when they are praying, worshipping and bringing Him glory!”
- Cassie Le Blanc leads the Bears group - 5&6 year olds.

“Jesus said, 'Let the little children come to me.’ I love teaching as I want to help kids come to Jesus. Along the way, they have in turn taught me how to believe like a child. And, as a bonus, it's a lot of fun!"
Sam Sparrow is one of the Bears’ teachers - 5&6 year olds.

“Teaching the Eagles for the last six years has been one of the greatest pleasures of my life. My own faith has skyrocketed over this time, as a result of the wonderful material that we use in ‘Kids Carrying The Kingdom.’ All of our teachers have such a great heart for the children that it is a privilege to be part of this supportive, dynamic and encouraging team.”
Stephanie Jerron-Quarshie leads the Eagles group - 7&8 year olds. 

“I started serving in the kids ministry because I was always out with my own child, and since they needed people to serve, I volunteered. 

Preparing the weekly stories and thinking of ways to make learning about God's love and who Jesus is in a creative way and for little kids to understand, challenged me.  It forced me to revisit the Bible and read stories I know and have taken for granted.  In doing this, the Holy Spirit revealed to me how applicable those stories are in my daily life. I experienced deeper knowledge, insight and revelation of stories I knew, but God revealed them to me in a different and new way – I had mysteries revealed!  All of this only happened when I stepped out of my comfort zone and stayed committed, knowing that I am not the most creative person, or naturally inclined to work with such small children. The most profound statement someone made, which really stuck with me was, “God meets us where we are; why can't He meet those children we serve where they are?” 

That’s when I knew that serving in Cornerstone KIDS’ ministry is so important, praying over the kids and teaching them about God’s love that we as adults can limit, it actually teaches me anew of who God is, and what my real identity is as an adult.  I may not always see how the teachings affect the children we teach, but I trust that God uses me to plant a Holy Spirit seed in the life of a young child, which in God’s time will grow into something so beautiful and reveal God’s purpose for that child. It’s this experience that keeps me serving and gives me a little more understanding of why Jesus says we should have faith like children!”
Janice Charnley leads the Lambs Group - 3&4 year olds.

Children are divided into classes according to their age groups, where they are encouraged to connect to God’s heart in a simple way that they can understand and relate to. Our curriculums are a collection of amazing materials that bring Biblical truths in simple, creative and interactive ways. Our younger children in the Lambs and Bears classes, enjoy interactive sessions based around Bible stories. Each class includes a multi sensory colouring or craft activity on the lesson, followed by age appropriate discussions to make Bible stories come alive. The Heart Bucket provides a fun visual tool to encourage kids to have an open relationship with their Heavenly Father, and allow opportunities to encounter God’s love and listen to His voice through quiet “soaking time.” Once a month we also have a creative day where we emphasise themes and stories from the Bible through a fun muppet show, great worship and craft related to the topic taught, which is well loved by all our children.

Older kids in the Eagles and Lions classes explore the "Kids Carrying The Kingdom" curriculum developed by Mike and Marilyn Seth, from Bethel Church in Redding, California. This not only builds up children in their knowledge of Bible stories, but also encourages them to apply what they have learnt into their young lives through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit. Children who have accepted Jesus as their Saviour are encouraged to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit just as believing parents are.

We encourage parents to get involved and enquire about what your kids are learning. They are exploring powerful materials and learning kingdom truths. For questions about any of the age groups, please feel free to speak to the team leaders.

The teams are:

The Doves 1-2 year olds (lead by Rana Jones) - a new group and we are currently building the team. We need more help and volunteers for this age group in particular

The Lambs 3-4 year olds (lead by Janice Charley)

The Bears 5-6 year olds (lead by Cassie Le Blanc)

The Eagles 7-8 year olds (lead by Stephanie Jerron-Quarshie)

The Lions 9-11 year olds (lead by Elaine Govender)

Cornerstone KIDS meets during our Friday Celebration Meeting, with children heading to classes at 10:30 AM, after a period of family worship. For the coming three weeks, February 10, 17 and 24 and due to venue relocation, we will have two back to back meetings with Cornerstone KIDS’ classes for both services in the Media Room in Zayed Sports City Football Stadium. 8.30 - 10:00 AM first meeting - regular classes for Cornerstone KIDS using our curriculum. 11:00 AM - 12.30 PM noon additional classes for Cornerstone KIDS using the same message but including a more creative approach for each age group as we will need more people to help for the second meeting. 

Note to parents:
Safety is of utmost importance for our children, and all kids’ ministry leaders and volunteers are thoroughly vetted by couples in the leadership team who know the volunteers and have walked with them through fellowship and friendship. Any new volunteers who want to be part of the ministry will need to speak to Rana Jones or any of the Cornerstone KIDS’ team leaders for a chat on where they can help, their heart to serve and some practical questions will be asked of them so everyone is on the same page with regards to doctrine and vision of the church. We have also put various new systems in place to make sure the kids are checked in and out of classes in a thorough way and we are constantly looking out for more help in this area especially with our exponential growth. 

If you have a heart to raise up the next generation as a volunteer in this ministry, please email us HERE