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Leadership 2




Leadership 2



The inspiration for Cornerstone's leadership structure is found in the New Testament, where we see local churches led by elders, supported by deacons, in accountability relationships with trans-local apostolic fathers.

Eldership Couples

In the New Testament the terms "elder" and "pastor" are interchangeable and neither is used as a title before a given name. So at Cornerstone we call our pastors "elders", with each called by their name rather than a title.

Cornerstone is led by eleven eldership couples, ordained by apostolic fathers:

Matt and Rana Jones, from the United Kingdom and Lebanon, who share a background in media and corporate communications and were formerly on the leadership team at Well Of Life Church in Dubai, which oversaw the planting of the house church that became Cornerstone;

Duane and Isabel Furstenberg, from South Africa, who are both accountants by profession and the parents of three young boys;

Paul and Nadia Szczesiak, from the United Kingdom and South Africa, who work in the construction and airline industries respectively;

Jacob and Blessy Philip, from India, who are both engineers by profession and parents of 2 young children;

Rajesh Hurrypursad, an engineer by profession, and his wife Kogi, are both from South Africa, and are blessed with three children;

John and Sayali Savio, from India, work in the business development and nursing professions respectively;

          Marius and Melinda Prinsloo, from South Africa, an engineer and dietitian by profession, are blessed with four children; 

          Jaco & Corine Breytenbach, from South Africa, an engineer and manager, have recently been blessed with a daughter

          Obed & Sharlene Espada, from USA, are both teachers and have one young daughter

James and Lisa Gerber, from South Africa, work in the airline and education professions

Robert and Janice Charnley, from South Africa, are both teachers and are blessed with two boys.

Cornerstone's eldership team will grow as the church grows. 


Cornerstone's international team of deacons are ordained by the elders and serve under their delegated authority in a variety of roles.

They are: Amaya Carlos and Angela Fandino, Ampofo Massimo and Helen, Baker Murray and Maria, Bosch Andrew and Tanja, Contapay Carlo and Jocel, Downey Steven and Dana, Dowell Steve and Heather, Formozo Joshua and Kristine, Gibson David and Tara-Lyn, Herrmann Arnd and Petra, Husayihwevu Sydney and Tsitsi, Kumar Senthil and Sangeetha Manickam, Kuruvilla Thomas and Neetha, Lithgow Neil and Ruth, Machobani Tineyi and Ruth, Magno Katheryn, Muller Christof and Nicky, Mutuyimana Marcel and Aimee, Onyeabor Viktor, Palk Walter and Vanessa, Rouessart Marcel and Amanda, Roux Franzwa and Roma, Samuel Sanglin, Simon Rijosh, Strydom Gilliaume and Alberti, Toor Ranvir and Susan, Van der Walt DeWet and Grete, Vaz Melroy and Beth, Venter Marni, Vermeulen Peter and Mariette, Whalley David and Alannah,