The newest ministry at Cornerstone, EMERGE is made up of a group of intrepid young men and women aged between 12-13, committed to explore the Word of God together. A very open, friendly, and articulate group, they are growing up and growing in faith as they journey together.

Forming in autumn 2016, Emerge has already established a core of around 15 regular attendees. This particular age group is at a very important period, where identities begin to reveal themselves. During this pivotal time, youth can begin to fully accept their faith and their new lives in Christ, as they emerge into their teenage years. With this in mind, Emerge sessions are very interactive and encourage two way dialogue. The youth are not just being taught passively, but are encouraged to think through the Biblical truths for themselves. 

The group has recently finished studying a series on the Christian Life, and is now delving into a 12 week study on the life of Jesus. Attendees will be exploring the life and works of Jesus, in order to understand why He is worth following in their own daily lives. 

Emerge is led by Paul Coles, who has been involved with youth ministry around the globe for over 20 years. Working in the region in Emirates Youth Unlimited (EYU), he is actively involved in regular city wide events.

Please pray for wisdom for the Emerge youth leaders, and for the young men and women as they grow in faith.

Emerge meets every 1st and 3rd FRIDAY morning, during the Cornerstone gathering.

On the 4th Friday evening of every month the group celebrates with a fun outing from 6.00 – 8.00 pm.