Aptly called the Get Stuff Done team, this group selflessly give of their time to ensure that church happens on a Friday. From lifting, moving, and setting up equipment, no task is too big, or too small, for them. Quite simply, if there’s a need - they make it happen!

This is such an important ministry in the Cornerstone family, and without them, we wouldn’t be able to hold our celebration services each week. The Get Stuff Done team “moves the church” each week, and you can help!

This team is urgently looking for 24 willing volunteers, filled with a passion for serving. Both men and women are welcome, and all that is required is a heart to help. If you’re not already part of a ministry, this is a fantastic way to get involved, get connected, and use your energy to serve the Lord!

The Get Stuff Done team was formed  2 years ago, when the church first moved to the Domes. Led by Jaco Breytenbach, members enjoy a strong sense of camaraderie and fellowship.

The team works on a rotation schedule, with members on active duty once every 4-6 weeks. Tasks start on Thursday afternoons, as the vans are loaded up with all the equipment needed for Friday services. The team then starts bright and early on a Friday morning at 6:00 AM, transporting everything to the World Trade Centre Mall, where it is all offloaded and then set up in the cinema theatre. After the services, the team then begins disassembling all items, loading them all up into the vans, and returning them to the storage facilities.

This is a ministry where we worship behind the scenes to lend our talents to move the kingdom forward and glorify JESUS.


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