CORNERSTONE MOMS is a group dedicated to the superheroes of the family. Meeting weekly every Sunday morning, this group likes to vary it up! From family homes to parks, the group rotates around different venues in Al Reef each week. Fellowship and encouragement are guaranteed in a friendly and relaxed environment. The dress code is laid-back, and the coffee is continually flowing!

While it can be challenging as an expat without immediate family nearby, many moms have shared that they have been significantly blessed through this ministry. This group has been a strong source of support for many mothers, whether this be first time moms going through a new transition period with a baby, or those adjusting to life at home after being in full time employment; and perhaps feeling stranded or alone. The network provides very real and practical help (such as last minute requests to borrow an extra car seat for the weekend) or prayer support for emotional or spiritual requests.

Young children are welcome to attend, and the group has a regular bunch of kids varying in ages from newborns to 4 year olds. Many mums enjoy seeing their kids grow up together and develop friendships in this safe environment.

Expectant mothers can also join the weekly gatherings, to share stories with fellow moms-to-be, and benefit from tried and tested advice from mothers who have “been there, done that!”

As the weather gets warmer, the group looks forward to letting their water babies enjoy splash time together in swimming pools, and are also planning an Easter egg hunt!

Led by Sharlene Espada, this group has grown over the past year and is now based primarily in Al Reef. During the weekly meetings, ladies will be given spiritual food for thought through a video clip or a passage to ponder, which is then discussed as a group in the next meeting.

Please continue to pray for our mothers and families, and the communities they are active in, and particularly for the new moms transitioning to life with newborns.

CORNERSTONE MOMS meets EVERY SUNDAY MORNING from 9.30 AM onwards in various locations across AL REEF.
Please contact SHARLENE on 056 336 1770 for meeting venues and for more information.


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