“Raising a Jesus cultured generation through a party with a message.”

"Stripe Youth is a place where I can open up to others without feeling judged, and have LOTS of fun as well"

'Like a second family' 

STRIPE (the S is for Salvations, T for Transformation, R for Revelation, I for Imagination, P for Passion for Jesus, and E for Eternally) first started several years ago as a small group of only five. Dramatically increasing over the last two years, it is led by eldership couple Duane and Isabel Furstenburg, and now has a core of around 45 multi-cultural attendees, aged between 14 - 18.

A group of extremely talented individuals, STRIPE has their own band, named Relentless, which leads worship in the regular sessions. Many of the band members also use their talents of the Lord in the main band during Friday celebrations. A particular highlight are the “Youth by Youth” meetings, which are led entirely by the youth themselves, on every third gathering.

All STRIPE sessions are intended to encourage youth to get excited for the Word of God.  STRIPE recently held sessions around the theme of “Set apart, an intimate adventure” and are currently exploring a series on “Pursuing Jesus”, and what this means to seek Him wholeheartedly and passionately in their daily lives.

Fearless in professing their faith, many have been regular attendees on overseas mission trips. Not only serving as a blessing to others on these outreaches, several of the group have had their lives impacted and transformed through missions.

STRIPE meets every second Friday night from 6.00 - 9.30 PM. Members will testify that these are meetings they don’t want to miss, and are dedicated to attending, whatever it may take! 

Please continue to pray for these young men and women as they seek to follow Jesus, and for wisdom for the leaders. 

For further information about STRIPE Youth call Duane Furstenburg on 055 100 3976; or e-mail HERE.