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Firstly, I would like to thank God for the Filipino Women’s Shelter Ministry and thank Katheryn and all the ladies volunteering for allowing God to use them in such a massive way. May God bless them abundantly, and may God continue to bless this initiative. When Katheryn told me about the organization and she went in depth about what it was about and the difficulties the ladies were experiencing, I really did not fully understand the magnitude of the situation until I got there. On the 1st September, as I stepped into the embassy, I was taken aback by the situation. I lost my breath for a second, I could not believe my eyes. As I walked into the building there were just women everywhere, and I had to fight my tears back. As I was struggling to keep myself together, I was greeted by the ladies with smiles on their faces - it was an experience on its own.

The training our team conducted was an informative, practical workshop on entrepreneurship. The 20 ladies who attended were really amazing, they were enthusiastic, full of joy, they were extremely attentive and focused, they sang and they laughed! It was a great experience for everyone including myself. 

The ladies received hope and encouragement. We encouraged the ladies to know and understand that God has a plan for their lives and that everything works together for those in Christ Jesus including their current situation. Both the training and ministry time carried the same message, the importance of faith, prayer and having a relationship with God for He knows the future and He knows what is to come - He knew us even before we were formed in our mother’s wombs!

The ladies left the room with so much hope and faith, and it was amazing to have been part of something so great and life changing. God’s presence was felt through the worship and we all just sang with a great deal of hope in our hearts. 

Through volunteering at this training day, the ladies at the shelter taught me to stay positive, to never be overtaken by emotions or the trials and tribulations you’re facing. They had strength and resilience written all over their faces through those beautiful and pleasant smiles. I pray that this initiative grows stronger and stronger, I pray that everyone involved to not grow weary but to continue pushing forward to spread the word of God and be fishers for men, representing God and growing His kingdom, but most importantly changing lives.”

If you’re interested in supporting this ministry, please contact Katheryn Magno (magnokatherynb@gmail.com) or Hannelie van de Venter (hannelievdv@gmail.com)



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