Empowering Women for Victorious Living


1.It’s not limited to church goers
All ladies are welcome, not just members of Cornerstone. The sessions are ideal to invite female friends/family/colleagues that God has laid on your heart.

2.The Ministry has been running for seven years
Since launching in 2010, a total of 14 in depth studies have been covered. The ministry has grown from strength to strength, multiplying in numbers, and now has three groups that meet in different locations around the city.

3.It’s not just stuffy theology
The Women’s Ministry aims to offer practice advice from the Gospel, with doctrine relevant today to help empower women in Christ. This is for real people, with real issues, in real life. 

4.Saturdays aren’t just for career gals
All women are welcome to attend the Saturday monthly sessions, not only those in full time employment. We understand that everyones’ schedules are different, and a choice of three meeting venues and times offers flexible solutions for all. 

5.Women’s lives have been transformed through this ministry
Broken marriages have been restored, physical ailments healed, spiritual emptiness made whole, and emotional distress comforted, all through God’s transformational work and the support and fellowship of the women in this group.

Cornerstone’s Women’s Ministry is the ideal group for those hungry for the Word, looking to further ignite their passion in Christ, and to dive into deep sessions in Scripture. The aim of this ministry is not just to provide doctrine, but practical advice relevant for Godly living today, and to see lives transformed as women become empowered to walk in their calling. This group is for real people, with real issues, in real life. Many women will also testify that it is a wonderful platform for long-lasting friendships to form and to benefit from regular fellowship, through an authentic and informal setting.  

Spearheaded by Susan Toor, and supported by Rana Jones, the group leaders include Petra Herrmann, and supported by Isabel Furstenburg, Linda Law and Blessie Jacob. Open to women of all ages and cultures,  a variety of alternative formats provide flexible meeting times for both working and non-working women. Throughout the course of a year, the weekly Tuesday and Thursday groups will cover two studies in the spring and autumn, lasting between 9-14 weeks each, while the monthly Saturday sessions focus on one study annually. 

Previous studies have included courses on the women of the Bible; the gifts of the Holy Spirit; the fruits of the Spirit; life lessons from the story of David; knowing Jesus through Song of Songs; and rethinking our intimacy and destiny in God through the book of Daniel. 

Meeting Times:



Study: “Life of David”

About: The study will look closely at the life of one man; a son, a brother, a shepherd, a warrior, a fugitive and a King. 

Venue: Family House

Time: 9-11 AM


Tuesday group-Every week

Study: Book of Hebrews “No other Name”

About: The epistle to the Hebrews reigns unchallenged as the best exposition on the Old Testament and how it relates to Jesus. It is a wonderful book rife with deep theology which is actually quite simple and practical.  This study seeks to offer women a fresh revelation of the sovereignty,power and magnificence of Jesus.

Venue: Family House

Time: 9-11 AM



Study: “Encountering Jesus”

About: Jesus used many stories, or parables, when speaking to the crowds. These stories compare something familiar to something unfamiliar, helping listeners understand spiritual truth by using everyday objects and relationships. Jesus’ parables compel listeners to discover truth, while at the same time concealing the truth from those too lazy or too suborn to see it. This series seeks to allow these stories to transform women, through studying Scripture. 

Venue: Petra’s House

Time: 9-11 AM


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